The aim of every company today is to reduce rubber compound waste to zero during the manufacturing process.
Colmec has developed a new system called ART™ Automatic Reclaim Technique where it is possible to strain and preform the compound, making it ready to be reused in the production system.

This system reuses the uncured waste rubber coming from the process, i.e:

– rubber strips and other products out of tolerance
– rubber waste from the screw and head during cleaning operations or for material changes
– rubber waste cut to the wrong length
– rubber waste from long start ups

How the  ART™ system works?
The uncured rubber waste is placed on a conveyor belt that takes it to the cutting unit. The cutting unit cuts the material into suitably sized pieces to feed a conical twin screw mixer. The mixer screws have a special design that guarantees a significant re-homogenization of the compound. This re-homogenization is extremely important for the final quality of the regenerated compound. A gear pump, placed at the outlet of the mixer, preforms the mixture into strips ready to be used in the production processes.
It is possible to configure the system with a filter pack to strain the regenerated compound in line.
The ART ™ system is equipped with a computerized control system and can be fully opened for cleaning.